Embrace the Solar Revolution with Solar Electric

Here’s why you need to embrace the solar revolution.

Solar power has come a long way since scientists discovered the solar cell in the 1800’s.  There have been incredible improvements in solar technology over the years and yet solar
energy and just how it works remains a mystery to many.

So we’ll break it down for you here in bite size nuggets:
Solar cells are found within the panels we provide and convert the sun’s rays into electricity.  A panel on the roof or on the ground in your garden turns sunlight into DC electricity through
the cells that are on the panels. So if you have ten panels each operating at 300 watts, it makes a 3kw array.  From that array the power is taken into an inverter changing DC electricity into AC which goes straight into your fuse board. Then everything in your house takes its energy from solar power before it buys it from the grid so the inverter is doing the business of balancing grid and solar every millisecond.  If you are an electric car owner as increasing numbers of Irish people are – charging your vehicle with PV is the only way – (hint: having a carport makes it all the easier).

So why choose Solar Electric? With over 15 years of experience in solar energy we are the biggest supplier of solar panels nationally.  At Solar Electric we source our solar panels directly from China and they are delivered to our headquarters in rural Co Wexford via Holland, saving you, our dear customers, money.  We can design a system that will suit you for the next 25 to 30 years, all covered by a warranty.  We have a depth of knowledge that other companies don’t have: in short we have encountered every kind of house, farm and business.  We have the know-how having worked in the solar power industry across Europe over the past two decades.

Solar Electric founder, Wexford man Tom Foley installed the first system on his garage at his home. The system was straightforward to install and was very soon producing enough electricity to make a significant impact on his family’s daytime usage. He founded Solar Electric and in the early days of the business’s existence, Tom dealt with all projects personally.  Tom participated in a Conergy training session at Ecobuild in London where he was joined by current Design and Operations Manager, Paul Murphy. Paul’s practical knowledge of roofing types was soon supplemented by an in-depth understanding of inverters and mounting systems and to this date he oversees all installations from initial design through to the commissioning and sign-off.

Robert Goss came on board and brought a wealth of experience having been involved in the industry since 2010.  In the intervening years, we at Solar Electric have continued to lead the Irish Solar PV market, installing more solar panels than any of our competitors and helping our customers to reduce their electricity bills by up to 50 per cent.

Solar Electric leaders in PV for Agriculture

We are taking the opportunity to attend http://energyinagriculture.ie/ August 22nd in Tipperary.

We can tell all about our recent successes in the mushroom, dairy, horticulture and pig sectors.

Also on show will be the innovative Sonnen battery storage unit: sonnen-batterie.com/en-gb/start

Enjoy the day out and some good Tipperary hospitality at Gurteen Agricultural College near Roscrea.

Green thinking at Dublin Port

Dublin Port Company received ISO 50001 Certification in 2016, sealing its commitment to best practice in energy management systems. Solar PV will play its part in meeting the Port’s challenging statutory and regulatory obligations of reduced CO2 emissions and increased energy efficiency by 2020.

The initial installation, commissioned in January 2017, is a 28kw system on the roof of the Maintenance and Services building. It is sized to almost meet the electricity load of the building without running the risk of exceeding it. The project went to tender which Solar Electric won.

Stephen Collier, Maintenance and Services Manager, describes their approach to the project very positively, “They [Solar Electric] were excellent and the installation ran very smoothly. The communication was good which helps.”

Stephen is an engineer and leads up the Energy Team in Dublin Port. The team is comprised of executives from across functions within the company. The Solar PV panels may be too high to be noticeable but the energy team makes sure that all employees know they are there.

Stephen explains “We include the details of all environmental activities in the staff newsletter and I’ll talk about this to anyone who’ll listen. The energy situation is a huge problem for all of us.”

And he isn’t referring solely to Dublin Port Company. Stephen runs what he describes as a ‘very lean energy home’ with solar thermal panels (heating water) and heat pump. He makes his 70km round trip commute in an electric car which he has proudly owned since 2011. Given that level of personal commitment from one of the main drivers it is no wonder that Dublin Port Company have already made more than 10% energy savings since baseline.

The target of 33% remains some way off but Stephen remains positive that they can reach this by 2020. They have partnered with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and meeting the standards of ISO 500001 requires that energy is a central consideration in all design and procurement processes.

If positive attitude counts in energy efficiency and research shows it does, then Dublin Port Company is well placed to meet its obligations. Solar Electric looks forward to working with Stephen and his colleagues on this and further projects.

Solar success beside the N3 in Dublin

The Helsinn Group develops and manufactures cancer-care therapies with the stated objective of “building better todays” for those affected by cancer. The family-run business is based in Switzerland but has an impressive development, manufacturing and supply chain facility in Damastown, Dublin. Solar Electric was delighted to receive an expression of interest in Solar PV from the facility management team last year.

Robert Goss, Director at Solar Electric explains the background:

“By March 2016 we had grown to a team of six in preparation for the ‘solar rush’. We had experienced 2 bumper years, firstly Tipperary Energy Agency’s order for 717 panels on 9 public buildings in 2014, followed by Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency’s partnership with O’Shea Farms in 2015. The farm project was the largest at that time in Ireland at 250 kWp (960 panels). There was political appetite for microgeneration, expressed in the Energy White Paper but there was more talk than action in early 2016. I admit to feeling concerned.”

Then, out of the blue, Solar Electric received an email inviting them to meet to discuss Solar PV at the Helsinn Group’s Damastown location. Partners Tom Foley and Robert Goss lost no time and there followed a quick succession of introductory and technical visits, surveys and support for internal Helsinn presentations. Electricity bills were examined to ensure no electricity would spill to the grid.

Finally, a 50 kWp system was selected and planning permission applied for. With the potential capacity on the Damastown site being much higher, this is a pilot project for Helsinn. The installation took place over two weeks in March 2017 and was carefully managed to ensure no loss of power to the facility.

Robert describes the process from initial contact to commissioning:

“The first email was so uplifting and working with the Helsinn team has been no different. There is a great ethos of environmental responsibility while making sure the investment also makes business sense. We had to defend our product as offering excellent value for money and it is so gratifying to see our panels on the Damastown roof.”

Solar Electric looks forward to continuing to support Helsinn “build better todays” for all of us through their commitment to sustainability.  The Helsinn Group monitor and publish their energy data including their usage of energy from renewable sources.  Solar Electric, through their real-time data app, will soon be contributing data on the increase in electricity generated from renewable sources and the consequential decrease in CO2 emissions.

‘Solar rush’ levels may still be illusive but confidence and pride are running high in the Solar Electric camp. As Robert says “there are many more plants suited to Solar PV. Each company that we work with is a new advocate for ours so we are definitely travelling in the right direction”.

Sonnen Batterie 2

We have had loads of enquiries over the winter for the sonnen storage product.

For those interested to learn more, we have installed a unit at our HQ in Killanne which is now up an running for those who would like to visit.

Four more are due to be shipped in March, mostly for residential plus one educational projects.

Please call the office if you would like to know more or see https://www.sonnen-batterie.com/en-gb/start

First sonnen system installed in the Limerick area

Our first project is complete in the outskirts of Limerick. Initial figures are positive.

Last weekend showed that the 6 kWh battery and 4.68 kWp PV system covered-off 66% of the household electricity usage.

We will continue to monitor and work with the customer to fine-tune the installation.

Contact us for more information.

Awards for Solar Storage

We are delighted to announce that we have secured the distribution rights for sonnenBatterie in Ireland.

Sonnen are the market leader in Germany and have had great success in the U.S. in 2015. This year they are starting out in the U.K. and Irish market and we have been chosen as a suitably qualified partner.

The eco 8 will be launched in May, In our opinion it is the best and most fully developed storage solution on the market. Correctly sized it will cut your purchase of day rate electricity to the absolute minimum and it has the option of a fail-safe power supply should you experience a power outage. https://www.sonnenbatterie.de/en-gb/sonnenbatterie

On Wednesday the product won Innovative Product Award and Overall Product Award – best product of the show, at the SEAI Energy Show in Dublin. This is a great indictment of the sonnen system, which delivers on SEAI objectives towards energy efficiency.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MWPqtSL4EY

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