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solar panel grant

Apply TODAY and get up to €3,800 towards installation from SEAI

Domestic PV

Join the Solar PV revolution! Not only will you enjoy a greener way to power your home, you can also save up to 50% on your current electricity bills.
Installation is quick and easy! Enjoy a silent, odourless and maintenance free system that will also improve your home’s BER rating.
So, why not request your free site survey today and see how Solar PV can benefit you?

Case Studies


CLIENT: Mr. Noel Wilson LOCATION: Swords, Fingal, Dublin TYPE: Apartment (small usuage) SYSTEM SIZE: 1.5kWp BATTERY SIZE: sonnen 2.5kWh with protect 1300 back up

PV Detached House

CLIENT: The Lennon Family LOCATION: Drogheda, Louth TYPE: Detached House SYSTEM SIZE: 3kWp with hot water diverter

Detached House

LOCATION: Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny TYPE: Detached House SYSTEM SIZE: 12 MODULE 3.5Kwp

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