Domestic PV

Join the Solar PV revolution and not only will you enjoy a greener way to power your home, you can also save up to 50% on your current electricity bills. Installation is quick and easy and you’ll enjoy a silent, odourless and maintenance free system that will also improve your home’s BER rating.So why not request your free site survey today and see how Solar PV can benefit you?



what our customers say

Since we’ve had the solar panels installed we haven’t looked back. It did cost a bit at first. But we’re seeing the savings now each month, and we feel like we’re doing our bit to get our carbon footprint down.
Joe & Eileen Kelly, County Kilkenny.

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Does Solar PV work in Ireland ?

Yes, we have more than one hundred satisfied users. Output is in line with daylight hours and in total is similar to South Wales.

Do I get paid for surplus electricity that I send to the grid?

Not at the moment, the scheme is not open to new entrants.

What is a “diverter” and why might I need one?

A diverter will ensure excess solar electricity is sent to your immersion heater with twin benefits of ‘free hot water and no spillage to the grid.

What about solar thermal systems?

Solar thermal should produce plentiful hot water in the warmer months. However it does require regular maintenance and will not reduce your electricity bill.

How do I proceed?

Provide us with your Eircode or GPS co-ordinates. From that we can normally see the space evadable for modules and confirm he price. Before installation we will make a survey visit to check the roof and decimal system.

How long will I have to wait?

We hold stock of modules and inverters in Wexford. We can normally be with you In 4 weeks, often less.

How long will installation take and is it disruptive?

Normally we will complete a domestic premises in one day. Most work is outside the house, there is some work inside as we have to connect into the fuseboard.

Do I need planning permission?

Planning rules state that for more than 12 m2 of ‘solar panels’ you need PP We have had no refusals and can help you or you architect with sketches and scale drawings.

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