Real Time Information on Energy Monitoring

Click on the interactive display below for realtime and historical data from a Wexford installation.

Solar PV monitoring

It is very much in the interests of anyone, who has invested in a solar PV system to make sure that it is working and generating as expected. The PV system registers how much power is being generated, but accessing the data is often hard. The inverter can show power generation on a small display, but is often difficult to access like the loft or an outhouse. An expensive data logger can show figures on a display or PC – but you need to be wherever your data logger is located.

With the eviShine app you always have the latest figures at your fingertips, whether you are at home, at work or out and about. All you need is Internet access.

No need to lift a finger

With conventional solutions, you have to actively remember to keep an eye on whether the system is generating as expected.

With eviShine, you can subscribe to events on your system so that they pop up automatically on your phone when the system is not behaving as it should. They could be due to anything from fallen branches or snow obscuring the solar panels to a technical fault. At any event, it is a good idea to rectify the problem immediately in order to optimize generation.

Share your delight with others

These days, owning solar panels is a matter of great prestige and demonstrates your green credentials – whether you are a private individual, business or public institution.

With the eviShine app, you can proudly show how much electricity you are generating, and therefore how much CO2 is being saved, at that very moment on an information screen in a public space, on your own web page or via Facebook. You can do it with eviShine. This applies to both small private systems or the combined output of several systems scattered around the country.

The solution

With this unique solution, data is uploaded to a central server. This means that data is accessible even when the inverter is off (some inverter brands turns off when it gets dark). If you have several systems, the figures can be added together to show total power generation. Uploading data makes it easy to display the figures on several media, such as an app, web page or public information screen. A simple and inexpensive unit (converter) is used to establish a connection between the inverters and the centrale server through the Internet.