Introducing Drive Time plan
Charge Smart and Drive clean with unique Time of Use tariff for discerning EV drivers
  • 5c tariff between 2am and 5am every day
  • Reduce your spend when you use electricity the most
  • Access Smart Chargers
Make real changes with the Pinergy App
Gain the knowledge and power to see your electricity use with data updates every 30 minutes. Pay the same amount every month. Not Pay as You Go, but Level Pay on our App. Easy!  
  • Your energy usage, simply presented on your phone
  • Pay same amount every month - no matter the season
  • Reduce your energy waste
Power your home with Renewables
100% renewable energy, guaranteed — because energy is a resource, not a commodity.
  • Power your home with zero carbon energy
  • Be sustainable
  • Electricity generated from Wind, Hydro & Solar

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Estimated Annual Bill – Drive Time Plan

€1,659.37 compared to €1,274.86 for our standard tariff.

The Estimated Annual Bill (EAB) including Vat is based on CRU approved annual consumption of 4,200 KwH in your home, which may not be reflective of your usage. In addition, the EAB is based on consuming 3,846 kWh in your EV charger. This assumes your annual distance travelled is 25,000 km at 6.5km travelled per kWh. The EAB above is based on Urban Domestic 24H meters and includes discounted unit rate of 5c from 2am to 5am. with standard unit rate at all other times. It also includes a standing charge and PSO levy.  No prepayment charge is payable. Details of our standard tariffs are available here. It is assumed that 50% of your EV charging occurs between 2am and 5am. The EAB above does not include fuel savings from your EV vehicle which we estimate at €2,275. This assumes you travel 25,000 kms per annum, using 6.5l of fuel per 100kms. A litre of fuel is assumed to cost €1.40 per litre.

More information on Estimated Annual Bill.

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