Photovoltaic Energy

How do we make electricity from the sunlight?

The process to convert sunlight into electricity is called photovoltaic, often shortened to PV. The basic component of a PV system is the PV cell – often called solar cell as per the diagram

PV works both from direct sunlight and also indirect (diffused) sunlight from cloudy skies. Indeed partially cloudy conditions can actually increase the output from a PV system !making

Before sunlight can be converted to electricity, it has to be directed through the solar PV module.

  • The solar module, the electricity generator, is the blue element on the roof, which is mounted securely using a mounting system. Solar cells function by converting sunlight into direct current. However, this electricity cannot be used directly and is therefore routed to an inverter (see diagram below)
  • The inverter is used to convert the DC (direct current) from the PV modules into AC (alternating current) for your home or business.
  • SMART meters are fitted to accurately record the system yield, the electricity fed into the grid and your consumption.pvimage