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One of Solar Electric’s super efficient 6kWp Systems in the Cooley Mountains near Dundalk Co.Louth

The piece below was posted to our Facebook page by a very happy customer…..proof if needed that Solar Photovoltaic systems work really well in Ireland, the myth that they need bright sunshine is exactly that, a myth… our panels generate their electricity from daylight.
“Exactly one year ago Solar Electric installed a 6,000kw system. All the way up here in the North East a year later, it has achieved 99.9% efficiency of 5,998.4 kwH’s. Plenty of light and sun up here, would you believe! We used 77% of it (worth about 820 euro) directly for our domestic electrical, water heating and underfloor heating needs and we’ve proved it works excellently with geothermal heating at a constant 19 degrees celcius and constant hot water of 50 degrees. 23% of the generated electricity was sold back to Electric Ireland. — at The Cooley Mountains.”

This system was forecasted to produce 5,484kWh or units of electricity a year.

The project was commissioned on 24th of June 2014 and on the 24th of June 2015, its first anniversary it had produced 5,998.4kWh’s, that’s a massive 99.9% efficiency and an increase of 9.5% on what we forecast!

Need we say more? Have a look at your last electricity bill- it should tell you how many units you used last year, this and a few other details are all we need to design one of our efficient Solar PV systems especially for you, so you too can produce and make use of your own electricity- click here to contact us and find out what size system would work best for you.


Residential Garage Roof Wexford

Residential Garage Roof

This 4.3kw Conergy PV system was installed from start to finish in one and a half days in total.

One installation crew completed all the works required within this timeframe.


Fully insured & competent installers complied with all the health & safety regulations.

This particular system was installed on a garage roof adjacent to the house.


Highly-engineered brackets & rails are fitted to the roof & PV modules are clamped onto the rails.

Minimum of tools are required.

No interference with your normal electricity supply during installation.


The PV modules are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The PV system is noise free, odour free and maintenance free.

Our installers take great care to leave your property as they found it.


Inverter & associated switch gear installed at the best location in consultation with the customer.


DC cut-off switch protects power supply from your PV modules on your roof.AC cut-off switch protects power supply from your Inverter to your meter box.


A smart meter is installed by ESB to track power used in the house, which allows for the power to be sold back to the grid.

The smart meter has an antenna which can be remotely monitored by the ESB.

You can also check at any given period which electricity you are using to run your home, that generated by your PV modules or that supplied from the grid e.g. during night time when there is no sunlight.

This helps you to use the optimum amount of electricity that you have generated yourself.