13.5kw Solar PV installation in Tipperary

13.5kw Solar PV installation in Tipperary April 2013

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This customer came to visit our Solar Electric stand at the ploughing championship in Sept 2012, after which we arranged a site visit to his farm in Tipperary. Being well researched in the pros and cons of Solar Thermal, Solar PV and Wind, he decided to use Solar PV to reduce his energy costs. We identified a south facing shed roof on the farm, which ideally accommodated the required 13.5kw system as per the photos included on the following page.

Solar Electric and the customer worked closely together to also implement a system which included an export control unit, compliant with the ESB micro-generation regulations, allowing him to avail of the opportunity to sell excess power back to the grid. As current regulations only allow for 6kw connections to the grid, we proposed an export control system, which directs excess power not being consumed, to heat 2 x 1,000 litre tanks of water for use on site. This includes a handy little tool installed onto his PC & smartphone, allowing him to view his electricity produced real-time.

The installation took 5 days, after which the ESB Networks installed their smart meter to monitor exported units for payment back to the customer. To date, since the system was commissioned at the end of April 2013, this system has produced 18,207kwh`s (units of electricity). At the present rate for domestic electricity this would equate to savings of €3,823 if he could consume all he produces. In the 12 month calendar from 04/2013 to 04/2014 the system produced 11,980 kwh`s (units of electricity)

When the system was being designed it was estimated that this system would deliver approximately 12,000 units of electricity per annum, with an estimated pay-back period of 10 years (based on current electricity prices) before tax relief which will further reduce the payback period. Obviously if and when the electricity costs increase annually, this will reduce the payback period significantly. This customer also has an extensive dual wood burning/pellet burner boiler to heat his home. Since he installed the PV system he has saved a further €1,500 on wood pellets per year.

The 25 year performance warranty gives great peace of mind to the customer, that he has made a sound investment, copper-fastening his energy costs going forward with little or no maintenance spend due to no moving parts with this PV solution.

We also connected another product from our portfolio, the energy management system evishine (see snapshot below), to their Solar PV system and placed an app onto their laptops & smartphones. This gave them access to real-time data, enabling them to closely monitor the electricity generated from their PV panels and optimize the consumption of these units by adapting their behaviour patterns i.e. when and how they use this electricity.

Solar Electric will always ensure you fully understand this technology to enable you to consume as much of your own electricity as possible, cutting your electricity costs, reducing carbon footprint whilst copper-fastening your energy prices for the future.

Photos of the actual installation, shows how the mounting system securely holds the PV panels to the roof, which can be slate, tiles, galvanized etc. and are laid out in this instance in landscape format. This 13.5kw system comprised of 54 Solar PV modules on a shed roof with 2 inverters as shown below.Case Study 3 - Folke_html_m35f207b6 Case Study 3 - Folke_html_m74f96112