New Build East Cork

  •   Domestic Install
  •   East Cork
  •   4.24 kWp
Module:16 x Conergy Power Plus 265 Wp Modules
Inverters:1 x SMA Sunny boy
Yield:4,066 kWh/year

After an extensive consultation process, Conor decided upon installing a 16 panel ground PV system to act as an independent power source for this recently built ‘grand designs’ low energy house. With an air to water heat pump & underfloor heating onsite this consumer wanted something to offset these substantial loads in the home.
Over a year later and Conor is seeing a significant reduction in his electricity bills, and with real time monitoring at hand he can check his production values at any time.

Designed in a bespoke manner, the Solar Electric team installed the 16 panels on the ground at the rear of Conor’s home to avail of optimum south facing production values.

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