Ireland’s largest private investment

  •   O’Shea Farms
  •   Piltown, Co. Kilkenny
  •   250 kWp
Module:960 x Conergy Power Plus 260 Wp Modules
Inverters:8 x SMA Sunny Tripower 25,000 TL
Yield:208,000 kWh/year

In 2015 Carlow/Kilkenny Energy Agency put out a tender for Solar PV on the O’Shea Farms site in South Kilkenny. The PV system was designed to match the
base-load of the facility and not export to the grid, and thus offset a percentage of the O’Shea’s annual electricity bill for, at least, the next twenty five years.

Solar Electric Ireland won the project with a design for 250kWp or 960 modules set out on the east-west facing roofs of the cold-storage facility. The modules were mounted on an existing building and a new building constructed in the summer of 2015.

Annual output is forecast to exceed 208,000kWh.The system was built in four weeks to fit in with the building works and without disrupting the activities of the storage facility.

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