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Mulhall’s Supervalu

  •   Mulhall’s Supervalu
  •   Portlaoise
  •   63.6 kWp
Module:240 x Conergy Power Plus 265 Wp Modules
Inverters:2 x SMA Sunny Tripower 25,000 TL
Yield:52,000 kWh

Mulhall’s Supervalu is a busy supermarket in the heart of Portlaoise town. With a high day-time electricity demand 7 days a week, energy efficiency is something that store owner Ger Mulhall looks at on a regular basis.

Ger enquired with Solar Electric about using solar PV to off-set some of this electricity demand with the overall objective being to reduce running-costs and lower the stores carbon footprint. Reducing the running costs helps to reduce end prices to the customers while helping the environment at the same time.

The system consists of 240 solar PV modules connected to two 25 kW inverters. The roof has an east-west orientation which means that both sides of the roof could be covered with solar PV modules. The system is estimated to produce 54,000 kWh/year and was installed within two weeks.

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