Estimated Annual Bill

Estimated Annual Bill

The EAB enables customers to understand the annual cost of their electricity and make decisions on tariffs offers. It is based on the CRU’s (Commission for Regulation of Utilities) typical annual consumption figures, 4,200 KwH, which is an industry average for Urban Domestic 24hr Electricity Meters. Please note that your personal usage may vary.

The CRU has requested all suppliers to provide this information to customers when presenting a tariff.

How is the EAB calculated?

The EAB uses the above consumption figures and applies this to the relevant energy unit rate. The EAB will also include:

  • PSO Levy
  • Standing Charges
  • Prepayment Charge
  • 13.5% VAT

The Estimated Annual Bill does not include any monetary value attributed to non-energy related elements to a tariff or offer e.g. vouchers, cashback offers or add-ons so keep this in mind when making comparisons, to ensure you are getting the best energy deal for your home.

For example:

EAB Electricity = Unit Rate x 4,200kWh per annum

+ PSO per annum

+ Standing Charge per annum

+ Prepayment Charge per annum

+ 13.5% VAT

What if I don’t have an Urban 24hr meter?

We know this can be confusing so to make it easier we will show the most common meter codes on all our sales collateral. As way of example, for Day and Night meters the 4,200 kWh annual consumption values is split 50:50 between each register.