From the moment we decided to enquire about Solar panels for our 4 bed bungalow we were determined to find out as much as we could about solar power, the benefits, costs, Seai grants, local suppliers and satisfied customers.

Our first port of call was to visit one of our neighbours Donal O Neill, he has solar panels installed recently by Solar Electric, Rathnure, we visited Donal because of his testimonial on the Solar Electric website that we found on a Google search.

Donal showed us around his house, the solar panels in the roof, the eddi box that was installed inside, he explained how the whole procedure worked, he explained how much electricity was being generated from the solar panels, how much it cost and how much the grant was.

Donal is one of three brothers that live in the area, all of them bought their solar panels from Solar Electric, everyone seemed to be very happy with their solar panels.

This encouraged us to contact Kieran from Solar Electric, he promptly came down to survey our home and to explain the procedure in great detail, that was in December 2020.

We received an email shortly after explaining that we would need 13 solar panels for our home, the cost was included, the Seai grant was going to offset the cost, Kieran organized the application for that, he was very helpful.

We had a think about it, we wanted to support local businesses if we could, we liked Solar Electrics approach and gave them the order plus a 50% deposit.

Because of the Corona virus lockdown nothing happened until 2021 when the fitters came and installed the solar panels in 2 days, the following week the electricians came and connected us up, that took a day to complete.

At the time of installation we were given the app my energi to download to our phones, the app shows you in real time how much power we are getting from the sun, how much power we are using, how much is coming from the solar panels how much is going into the grid, and how much we are paying for through SSE electricity. Brilliant!!

Its early stages, so far we are very happy that we have solar panels installed, good for the environment, supporting local jobs, and best of all FREE electricity for everything electric in the house.

Solar electric were very professional from the start, the staff are very friendly, they know what they are doing, the whole process went very well.

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