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How is it that the leading commercial and domestic Solar PV company in Ireland finds its roots in Killanne, County Wexford? In 2011, lifelong entrepreneur, Tom Foley was looking to begin a new business. He had previously built-up and sold the successful Go-Play enterprise that had been constructing high-quality children’s play spaces across Ireland. In conversation with a friend and business contact from UK, Robert Goss, he happened on solar PV. The use of solar panels for domestic and commercial electricity production had been tried and tested in Germany for some time and recent advancements in the technology had led to a boom for the industry in the UK. The rapid expansion of the UK market and clear market niche available in Ireland spoke to Tom’s entrepreneurial spirit and Solar Electric was born.

The next step was for Tom to install the first system on his garage at home. The system was straightforward to install and was very soon producing enough electricity to make a significant impact on his family’s daytime usage. In the early days of the business’s existence, Tom dealt with all projects personally. Solar Electric remains grateful to those “solar pioneers” who showed faith in technology before it had proven to work here in Ireland. In order to gain a deeper insight into the industry he was taking the first tentative steps into, Tom participated in a Conergy training session at Ecobuild in London where he was joined by current Design and Operations Manager, Paul Murphy. Paul’s practical knowledge of roofing types was soon supplemented by an in-depth understanding of inverters and mounting systems and to this date he oversees all installations from initial design through to the commissioning and sign-off.

The breakout year for Solar Electric came in 2014 as we participated in the largest Solar PV project in Ireland. The project was led by Tipperary Energy Agency on behalf of Tipperary County Council and involved the design, installation & maintenance of up to 199kW of PV panels and associated works on 11 Tipperary public buildings in order to eliminate baseload energy use. In the intervening years, Solar Electric has continued to lead the Irish Solar PV market, installing more solar panels than any of our competitors and helping our customers to reduce their electricity bills by up to 50%.

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