Contribute to carbon reduction targets with solar
With a solar power system, you immediately make a substantial dent in your emissions. As the amount of solar power supplied is precisely measurable, it’s possible to easily quantify the impact and accurately report on this significant contributor to your environmental targets.
Manage your budget better with solar
Depending on your electricity consumption and roof size, solar electricity can instantly reduce your energy bills between 20-50%. And with payback for the system install realised in as little as 5 years on a system that will last 25 years, that’s the equivalent of 20% interest on your capital, if it was held at the bank.
Funded solar
For public sector organisations not able to pursue self-funded solar systems due to budget constraints, we also offer funded solar. Under funded solar schemes, the initial capital outlay for your scheme will be covered by us and we’ll provide the power generated back to you at a much reduced rate from what you’d pay your typical electricity supplier.
How will we know what the impact of installing solar will be?

We perform an extremely accurate site survey via Google Maps and analyse your energy bills for the year. We pair this with weather data and then provide you with a precise calculation to show both the financial return of the scheme and the clean energy you’ll benefit from on an annual basis.

What if we don’t have the budget for the installation?

We offer funded solar schemes to the public sector, where we cover the costs of the equipment and installation, then sell the power produced back to you at a substantially discounted rate from conventional power supplies.

Will the technology become obsolete and need replacing?

All the solar power equipment we install is designed to have a 25 year lifespan. It shouldn’t need more than basic maintenance such as cleaning the panels for the entirety of this period. Technology does not become obsolete, as whilst advances are made from time to time, this doesn’t mean previous systems are any less efficient or won’t realise the calculated return and environmental benefits. The sooner you install, the sooner you can start enjoying free clean energy. Public sector properties that acted just 7 years ago are already enjoying free power today.

Do we need to get planning permission?

Whilst planning is often required for solar installations, this isn’t something you need to concern yourself with. We handle all the planning applications to ensure they get approved as quickly as possible. It’s all part of the exceptional service offered by Pinergy Solar Electric.

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