Tackle the energy crisis head on and do your bit for the environment.

Domestic Solar PV electricity is an investment that makes sense at all levels, delivering both substantial cost savings on your energy and reducing your carbon footprint. And with Pinergy SolarElectric, you know you’ll get the best quality service to make the whole process simple and stress free.
Solar Electricity Benefits for Your Home
With Pinergy SolarElectric, you'll receive advice and help to support you on your journey to a more sustainable energy future.
  • Generate free electricity 365 days in Ireland
  • Save up to 50% on your energy costs, every year
  • Sell any unused electricity back to your supplier (25c per kWh with Pinergy)
  • Solar will generate electricity in your home for up to 25 years
  • Improve your home's BER rating
Choose to work with Pinergy SolarElectric
When you choose to work with Pinergy SolarElectric, you get so much more than a solar PV system.
  • Expert advisers to help you understand your usage and savings
  • Free in-person home survey
  • Installation design tailored for your home
  • SEAI approved solar installer
  • Assistance with your grants application
  • Finance options available
  • Expert Care Centre support
Solar Panel Grants for Homes in Ireland
The SEAI offers homeowners grants of up to €2,100 to contribute to the installation of a solar system in your home.
  • Easy & straightforward process
  • Grants typically paid within 6 weeks
Discover if Your Home is Ready for Solar
We will support you in deciding if solar panels are right for your home. With a free site survey and analysis meeting to discover your energy usage, you'll feel informed to make the decision.
  • Home visit and installation design tailored for your home
  • A well designed system to optimise your energy
  • Expert Care Centre support after your install
  • Finance options available
The Home Solar PV System Installation Process
Our team of experts will guide you through the installation of your solar panels keeping you up to date on each stage of the process.
  • 3 Stages: Design, Installation, Activate
  • Your solar expert will lead a site survey of your home
  • You'll be advised on best placement of cabling, panels and battery
  • Thousands of homes around Ireland are happily saving on their energy bills every year with Pinergy SolarElectric solar panels
Solar Batteries
If you are eager to optimize the energy you are creating you should consider installing a solar battery. This device converts your generated solar energy into electricity which can be stored and used at a later time or sold back to the grid.
  • Use your free generated electricity when suits you
  • Charge during off peak times to maximize your efficiency (Pinergy offer an EV rate of 5c per kWh)
  • Have a backup power source at night or during periods of low sunlight
  • We partner with LIVOLTEK, leading solar product manufacturer and solution provider
Finance For Solar Panels in Ireland
We have partnered up with Finance Ireland so you can purchase your Domestic Solar PV now and spread the cost.
  • Apply for finance online
  • Finance from €4,000 to €25,000
  • Borrow up to 10 years
  • Credit decision within 24 hours
Will there be enough light to make solar power worthwhile?

The weather in Ireland gets some pretty bad press. In fact, we’re on a par with central germany for the level of sunlight available to your Home PV panels. Combine this with having our experts ready to help you site your panels at the perfect spot to catch the most light, you’ll have more than enough sun to make the investment work for you.

Can the Solar Inverter / battery go into the attic?

Whilst this may seem like an obvious place to put the solar battery, it’s often not the best place. Small and insulated attics can get very hot during the day, which actually reduces the efficiency of your solar equipment, meaning you’ll get less free power than you would otherwise. Our experts will look at your property in detail with you and advise on the best spot.

Will the solar panels make the roof leak?

Whilst this is a sensible question, in short, no they won’t. Our technical experts inspect the construction and condition of your roof as part of our comprehensive site survey. If there are any concerns, they’ll advise you of them prior to installation so you can choose to make improvements to your roof or site the panels elsewhere.

Can I heat my water with solar panels?

Yes! You can generate up to 70% of your hot water needs using the energy created from your solar panels via an inverter which we will install.

Previously you may have heard of or used solar thermal collectors or solar hot water collectors – now it can all be done in one with Pinergy Solar Electric solar pv panels!

Who will complete the install of my solar panels?

After an assessment of your needs and a bespoke design, your Pinergy Solar Electric expert will complete a full brief for the install. Our SEAI certified installers will then visit your home on a day that suits you and install your system exactly as you have been advised. Day 1 will have your panels mounted and day 2 your electrical set up will be completed.

All Pinergy Solar Electric experts and installers are fully certified and undergo all advised health & safety training.

Can I add additional panels or a battery at a later stage if my needs change?

Yes, as your home needs change you can add to your current set up whether adding additional panels, inverters or batteries. We will complete a site survey and support you in adding the best solution to fulfil your needs.

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