Solar pv electricity benefits
Imagine not worrying about spiralling electricity prices. Imagine being able to pop on the laundry or the dishwasher whenever you want to. Imagine reducing your electricity bill year round and even by 80% in the summer months. Imagine doing all that and sleeping a little easier because all those cost savings are reducing your impact on the planet too. Now stop imagining, because with Pinergy Solar Electric, all that is entirely possible.
Solar panel grants in Ireland
The SEAI offers homeowners grants of up to €2400 to contribute to your installation of a solar system in your home. The amount of home solar pv grant awarded is based on the kWp of the array and our experts can provide you with this, so you know exactly what you’ll be entitled to before you commit. The home solar panel grant is typically paid 6 weeks after the documentation is received by the SEAI post-install, so you won’t be hanging around waiting for the money to come in.
Support in deciding if solar right for you
We’ll connect you with a solar technical expert, not a salesperson, when you make contact with us. They’ll work collaboratively with you to create a bespoke home solar pv system design that’s a perfect match for your property and your needs. They’ll give you a clear and accurate calculation of how quickly your house solar panel system will pay back and start producing free green energy for your home. Typically this is between 7 - 10 years, which provides a further 19 years of free power. There will be no pressure from our teams at any point, you’ll have as much of our time and attention as you want to help you decide, but we’ll never push you to commit.
The home solar pv system installation process
Your solar expert will lead a site survey of your home and work with you to plan every aspect of your system, from where to place the cabling and panels, to where to site the battery to store excess power. We’ve left thousands of homes around Ireland completely happy with their solar systems. In fact, so many of them recommend us to their friends and family, this is our best source of new customers.
Will there be enough light to make solar power worthwhile?

The weather in Ireland gets some pretty bad press. In fact, we’re on a par with central germany for the level of sunlight available to your PV panels. Combine this with having our experts ready to help you site your panels at the perfect spot to catch the most light, you’ll have more than enough sun to make the investment work for you.

Can the Solar Inverter / battery go into the attic?

Whilst this may seem like an obvious place to put the solar battery, it’s often not the best place. Small and insulated attics can get very hot during the day, which actually reduces the efficiency of your solar equipment, meaning you’ll get less free power than you would otherwise. Our experts will look at your property in detail with you and advise on the best spot.

Will the solar panels make the roof leak?

Whilst this is a sensible question, in short, no they won’t. Our technical experts inspect the construction and condition of your roof as part of our comprehensive site survey. If there are any concerns, they’ll advise you of them prior to installation so you can choose to make improvements to your roof or site the panels elsewhere.

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