Why Pinergy Solar Electric?
We recently joined Pinergy, giving us access to a strategic partnership with the most innovative and sustainable electricity providers in Ireland. This opens up a wealth of knowledge and connections to the electricity market and allows the potential to sell excess power generated from your commercial or public sector site back to Pinergy. And perhaps most importantly, our customer-centric culture means we really care about making time for you and giving you the best possible support, no matter what the size of the project.
Solar as a service
We’ve developed a game-changing business model where we can actually fund the installation of solar on commercial and public sector sites. We then sell the power generated back to the site, usually at around half what conventional electricity would cost.
BrightMind is our AI driven optimisation software for homeowners. It leverages weather forecasts and intelligently learns your family’s unique behavioural patterns to put your battery system to best use, meaning you get the most from your solar system.
Grid support and peer-to-peer trading
Our latest innovations are in the area of selling on excess power generated by our panels. Initially this will be via selling it back to Pinergy from commercial and public sector sites, then we plan to facilitate domestic customers to do the same. We’re also working on developing peer to peer trading, where those with an excess can sell it directly to those with a deficit.

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