Generous Commercial Solar Panel Grants available
SEAI commercial grants are available to businesses, sport clubs, schools, farms and community or not-for-profit bodies. The SEAI non-Domestic Microgen Grant (NDMG) provides a range of grants based on the output from your solar panel installation.
  • Commercial solar grants from €900 to €162,500
  • Grant process is straightforward & simple
  • Pinergy SolarElectric is a registered SEAI Solar company
  • We can support you with your grant application
Non Domestic Microgen Scheme from SEAI

The SEAI non-domestic grant is based on the output of your Solar energy system, from 1 kWp (kilowatt peak) to a maximum of 1000 kWp (or 1 MegaWatt).  Don't worry about the kilowatts, we will help you design the system that works best for your premises.

  • Typical Small Business would output 7 kWp and grant would be €2,700
  • Larger Business might output 60 kWp and could avail of €14,600 in grants
  • Typically reduces payback period by up to 18 months
  • Simple process with SEAI
Who can apply for SEAI Non Domestic Microgen Grants?
A range of businesses across multiple sectors, including farms, Public Sector bodies, schools, and community organisations.
  • Simple application process
  • We can support SEAI Grant applications
  • SEAI Grant offers are available for up to 8 months once approved
  • Pinergy SolarElectric offer a range of funding options for Commercial Solar PV
Restrictions removed

Since 2022, most rooftop solar installations no longer require planning permissions, except if you live close to an airport or aerodrome

  • Planning permission no longer required for rooftop Solar
What are the details of the SEAI Non Domestic Microgen Scheme

The grants are based on the output of your Solar PV system. The minimum output to avail of the Grant is 1kWp.

Example Solar PV System Size Grant Value
7kWp €2,700
15kWp €5,100
20kWp €6,600
30kWp €8,600
50kWp €12,600
100kWp €22,600
200kWp €42,600
300kWp €57,600
400kWp €72,600
500kWp €87,600
1000kWp €162,600 max grant value

Source: SEAI, 2023

How to avail of SEAI Non Domestic Microgen Scheme

Get in touch with our Commercial team and we can guide you through the process. Phone 0818 363 749 or email


Do we need to get planning permission?

Planning is not now required for the majority of rooftops as long as the area being covered is less than 300m2. This isn’t something you need to concern yourself with. We handle all the planning applications to ensure yours gets approved as quickly as possible. It’s all part of the service offered by Pinergy Solar Electric.

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