Pinergy SolarElectric announces a 13.5% discount on Solar Installations in advance of Government VAT move

Solar Electric
04 April 2023

Firm Welcomes Government’s Plans To Abolish Vat On Supply And Installation Of Solar Panels

Pinergy SolarElectric, one of Ireland’s fastest-growing solar energy businesses, has today welcomed the planned abolition of VAT on Solar Energy installations and announced that it will give its residential customers the benefit of the VAT reduction from today with a 13.5% discount on the cost of solar panel systems installation.

Impact of 13.5% VAT abolition of Solar Panel Installation Costs.

This planned move by the Government should see the cost of installing solar panels reduced by as much as €1,000, based on the cost of an average installation falling from €9,000 to €8,000. It is expected that the VAT will be formally removed from domestic and public building installations on May 1st, as part of the Spring Finance Bill.

CEO’s statement on the new policy

Commenting on these latest developments, Ronan Power, newly appointed CEO at Pinergy SolarElectric said: “We very much welcome the Government’s plans to abolish VAT on domestic solar installations, representing a major positive step in Government policy around meeting our climate action targets as part of the energy transition. This is a very positive move. From today, we are delighted to announce that our customers will be able to benefit from the reduction in VAT with a 13.5% discount on installations. Our discount will offset the VAT costs for our customers until they are removed by the Government, later in the summer.

He added: “We expect that the Government’s abolition of VAT for solar installations will go some way towards encouraging more homeowners to consider investing in solar energy this year and into the future. We urge homeowners to consider Solar Energy now to make sure they can maximise their generation of electricity in their homes in the key months of May and June when solar generation is at its peak. Solar Panels have a lifespan of over 25 years and we expect the payback to reduce to about 5 years with this latest cost reduction.

Together with the Clean Export Guarantee payments from suppliers like Pinergy and generous SEAI grants, there has never been a better time to consider solar energy for your property.

Conditions to avail the 13.5% discount on Solar Panel Installations

The new 13.5% discount on domestic Solar Energy installations is subject to a successful site survey, which is a free and no-obligation service from Pinergy SolarElectric.

This is great timing for our customers because the peak months for solar power generation are May and June.

So, if you act today you can reduce your electricity bills, and lower your carbon footprint by embracing the renewable energy source that is our Sun by ordering one of our solar systems.

When does the 13.5% VAT discount on Solar Panel Installations apply

Pinergy SolarElectric will continue to charge VAT on domestic installations until the effective date of the reduction of VAT with the 13.5% discount on installations meaning homeowners will get the benefit of the VAT reduction from today as part of their long-term investment.

You also won’t need to wait 3 – 5 months to start turning sunlight into electricity because we have solar systems ready for installation with a far quicker turnaround time.

So why wait?

Get generating this summer!


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This summer has never been a better time to start your Solar journey;

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  • 13.5% discount available until 30th April 2023