• Domestic Solar Panel Installation in Wexford
  •   4.2kWp + 5kWh
Module: 14 x sharp NU-AK 300w modules
Inverters: Sonnen Hybrid 9.43
Orientation: South
Yield: approx. 3,900kWh

Gerry wanted a generation system that would offset a substantial portion of their annual electricity cost while simultaneously offering energy price security leading into the future.

A ground mount system was selected to avoid heavy shading from large trees in the locality and also to allow optimum orientation for greater solar harvesting. The 14 modules of 4.2kWp total output is served by a sonnen hybrid battery system, which allows the house to use the power directly when the sun is shining but also store any excess generation during the day and use it during night time hours.

They hybrid system allows for the solar inverter and battery inverter to be integrated into one neat integrated unit, the online monitoring allows Gerry to monitor their usage, consumption and storage in both historic and realtime.