Solar Electric installed seven solar panels on our house in March 2020, and we couldn’t have been happier with the efficient and knowledgeable customer service and support. The entire installation was done exactly as planned, with minimal disruption. For us, it was important to have a company that were trustworthy, and that would arrive on-site when they said they would.

In fact they drove in the gate at two minutes before 8am, as planned! The timing of the installation was fortunate, as we have been working from home since then due to the pandemic. This has meant that while we have been using additional electricity during this time, we were able to maximise use of the electricity generated by the panels. We have been able to arrange our use of appliances such as washing machines and the dishwasher during daytime periods to align with generation. The system itself is set up to first direct electricity to any in-house use. Any excess is then directed to the old existing immersion, to heat water. Monitoring of the system is possible through the visual display, which is located in our utility room.

“As a driver of an electric car, Solar Electric also installed a car charge point. For periods during the year, I was able to send the charge generated from the panels directly to the car battery, which is an additional benefit.”