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Solar PV Tips to Great Savings and Clean Living

Solar Electric
12 January 2020

Do you love saving money?

As Ireland’s largest supplier of solar panels based here in the Sunny South East, we like to think we know a thing or two about solar energy and saving money.

So, why consider solar panels for your home or business? How much time do you have?

For one our company can offset 50 per cent of your electricity demand annually with our solar panels and battery storage.  The great news is that for 2020 there is an SEAI grant available which can save you up to €3,000 on solar panels for your home.  From July 31, 2018, a new micro generation scheme to support domestic customers who install solar photo-voltaic (solar PV) panels on their homes was launched.

A typical house uses 5,000 kw hours of electricity annually. Solar Electric will help you pair that back by up to 50 per cent. Every one of those kilowatt hours is costing you 20c plus VAT.

We are all about being smart when it comes to electricity use. When you decide to use solar PV electricity you are buying less from the grid. Solar PV output is incredibly predictable on a yearly basis. There is little output in the winter due to the shorter days and massive output from spring to late October.

Basically you won’t cook the Christmas turkey using solar and will be buying your electricity from the grid but in spring, summer and autumn your electricity will be mainly from our solar panels.  Across the year we aim to offset 50 per cent of your demand. Through spring to the end of October a large proportion of the consumption of the house is provided by solar electricity. The upside is you will quickly see your electricity bill reduce by between 40 per cent and 50 per cent.

If you are working for home, retired, have small children or are elderly and spend a lot of time at home, you can use the electricity as it’s produced so there is no need for anything extra.  You have the option to go for a hot water diverter which takes midday electricity and diverts power, putting it into the immersion heater. Ideal as a lot of people turn off their oil during the summer so you can use the solar PV and putting it into the immersion heater.

If you are out of the house most of the day, a Sonnen Battery sits between the solar panels and your fuse board and it manages all those functions, taking in the electricity when you are using less than you are producing, and when you are producing less than you are using it discharges into the system.  So from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. your house is run on the solar electricity stored up during the day.

So why not join the solar revolution and get plugged in to great savings and clean living?