Why Solar PV? – an introduction

Solar Electric only install solar PV (sometimes called solar electric) systems. Solar thermal systems can provide hot water, need regular maintenance and may not work at all during the colder months while Solar PV provides electricity, which can be diverted to the hot water tank, or used in any appliance. No maintenance is required and, while output is stronger in the summer, on most days electricity will be produced.

Our goal for domestic customers is to offset 50% of their electricity bills with a Solar PV system. A typical home will need between 12 and 24 solar modules each measuring 1m wide by 1.6m high. Installations of 6-12 modules might suit smaller homes. Solar modules will not be effective if fixed to north-facing roofs. South facing roofs are ideal but we have had excellent results from east-facing roofs where output is stronger in the morning and west-facing roofs that benefit from afternoon sun.

For a quotation we can get a lot of information from Google Earth if you provide us with the Eircode or GPS coordinates. Sometimes we can even measure the roof – otherwise we might want to visit your home or ask you to email over a photograph or two.

Finally you might ask us for a reference from an existing customer. Previous “solar pioneers” are always happy to share their experiences with new customers and with more than a hundred existing installs we’ll probably find one close by.





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