Solar Panel Grants: Making Renewable Energy Affordable to Homeowners

Solar energy has become popular throughout the world. With its ability to deliver powerful amounts of energy at an unlimited supply, and with the ability to do it all at a very affordable rate, there’s no questioning that having solar panels installed is the way to go.

That being said, the initial purchase and installation of solar panels can be more than a bit costly. In fact, the average installation easily costs thousands of dollars per building. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way to get the solar panels that you needed without the outstanding initial costs?

With solar panel grants, it’s actually possible to do this! These solar grants allow you to get your hands on the panels that your home needs without breaking your budget. So what are these grants and how can you qualify for one? This article has the answers that you seek. Keep reading to find out more!

What Are Solar Panel Grants?

As said earlier, solar panels can be on the pricier side in concerns to initial purchase and installation. Fortunately, the panels pay for themselves over time thanks to the incredible amount of money they’ll help you save, but you’ll still have to take care of initial costs, and many people don’t like the idea of dealing with such spending all on their own.

Solar grants provide the answer to this problem. These grants are normally offered by solar companies, but under certain conditions, they can also be offered through a governmental service. In either case, these grants would be used to help you manage the costs associated with buying solar panels by helping you finance or greatly reduce the price you pay.

How Do I Qualify?

In most cases, qualifying for a loan is quite easy!

You can get a grant from the government by applying to SEAI. They will determine how much you need based on the amount and type of solar panels you’re applying for. Most solar panel installation companies will assist you with the application process to make it easy for you to get the grant that you need for your panels, so you’ll be saving money on your installation and using solar energy before you know it!

Get the Solar Panels You Need

Now that you know about solar panel grants, you’re going to want to get your grant so you can buy your panels for your home. That said, you need to go to a company that you can trust to get you the panels you need that work for your needs. We’re the right ones for you.

At Solar Electric, we make sure to give our customers solar panels that are perfect for their needs for an affordable price. We offer panel options that work for domestic, agriculture, and commercial situations, as well as plenty of solar panel grants that will help make your panel purchase affordable.

Ready to get started? Browse through our website to see what we have to offer, or use our solar calculator to find out how much you can save. We look forward to working with you!

Another satisfied Limerick customer

TG from Limerick

“I just wanted to mention your install team are excellent, the roof install team and Eamonn. Very happy the way things went and will be promoting you guys down this side of the country.

We are continuing to install when it is safe to do so

We are continuing to install domestic and commercial Solar PV systems. Our crews are operating under new Health and Safety guidelines and making every reasonable adjustment is response to the current situation. Module deliveries have arrived at our Wexford facility so that we may continue to install for as long as we are permitted by the authorities. New customers are booking installations every day – in the current circumstances making moves toward self-sufficiency in energy production makes as much sense as ever. If you would like to receive a “self-service” quote, where we will ask you to send on details of your home and power consumption, please get in touch today.


Latest news

The team at Solar Electric have spent another day planning our response to the current challenges.

1) We are open for business. Ours is a strong well-resourced company. We have grown from pioneers to market leaders and we plan to drive-on through this situation.

2) We are making practical adjustments to lower risk; Including virtual surveys, strict rules to protect our team and you the customer and working from home for the whole team.

3) Our unique position in the market with a large commercial rooftop resource as well as the domestic team gives us added strength in these tough circumstances.

One thing is for sure – the movement towards energy independence and sustainability is going to continue in 2020.

We certainly have the time now to thoroughly talk through the Solar PV story and how it might help you in your home. If you plan an install in 2020 that’s great – if you are looking further into the future that’s fine too. 053 925 6804

Hop on board the SOLAR revolution: You know it makes cents

As with everything in life simple is best and when it comes to engineering the Germans are the masters of efficiency.

We use the Sonnen Batterie, a high-tech storage system designed in Germany that continues to prove its worth in thousands of homes – every day. The combination of a PV system and a Sonnen Batterie will allow you to cover 75 per cent of your yearly energy requirement with self-produced, clean energy.

Since your energy is being generated on your roof and not by some anonymous energy provider, you are more independent than ever before.  Safe, clean and “Made in Germany”, this is the batterie you want.

A quick call to us in our offices located near Enniscorthy will be your first step in getting clean, cost effective solar power for you and your family, including a Sonnen Batterie.  We will ask for your Eircode which will enable us to look at your roof and figure out immediately what kind of system will fit there. We can give you some idea about the type of system that will suit you within a few days. You have the added security of our lifetime warranty and our after sales service which is second to none if we do say so ourselves.

We are responsive and operate from a sensible cost base outside of Enniscorthy in Co Wexford. We are not in some massive fancy pants office in the centre of Dublin so no hidden costs are passed on to you, our clients. As we do everything from solar PV, solar battery storage, to car chargers, we are your one stop solar power shop.  Whether you’re a principal trying to do impossible maths at budget time or a farmer looking to cut costs in a challenging environment, we are here to help. We cover domestic, residential, companies, commercial and industrial and public sector projects and have a proven track record in each of these fields. And remember there are grants available to help you to improve energy efficiency in your home.

The breakout year for our company came in 2014 as we participated in the largest Solar PV project in Ireland. The project was led by Tipperary Energy Agency on behalf of Tipperary County Council and involved the design, installation and maintenance of up to 199kW of PV panels and associated works on 11 Tipperary public buildings in order to eliminate base load energy use.  In the intervening years, Solar Electric has continued to lead the Irish Solar PV market, installing more solar panels than any of our competitors and helping our customers to reduce their electricity bills by up to 50 per cent.

So hop on board this Spring and join the solar energy revolution – you know it makes perfect cents.

Embrace the Solar Revolution this 2020 with Solar Electric

Here’s why you need to embrace the solar revolution.

Solar power has come a long way since scientists discovered the solar cell in the 1800’s.  There have been incredible improvements in solar technology over the years and yet solar
energy and just how it works remains a mystery to many.

So we’ll break it down for you here in bite size nuggets:
Solar cells are found within the panels we provide and convert the sun’s rays into electricity.  A panel on the roof or on the ground in your garden turns sunlight into DC electricity through
the cells that are on the panels. So if you have ten panels each operating at 300 watts, it makes a 3kw array.  From that array the power is taken into an inverter changing DC electricity into AC which goes straight into your fuse board. Then everything in your house takes its energy from solar power before it buys it from the grid so the inverter is doing the business of balancing grid and solar every millisecond.  If you are an electric car owner as increasing numbers of Irish people are – charging your vehicle with PV is the only way – (hint: having a carport makes it all the easier).

So why choose Solar Electric? With over 15 years of experience in solar energy we are the biggest supplier of solar panels nationally.  At Solar Electric we source our solar panels directly from China and they are delivered to our headquarters in rural Co Wexford via Holland, saving you, our dear customers, money.  We can design a system that will suit you for the next 25 to 30 years, all covered by a warranty.  We have a depth of knowledge that other companies don’t have: in short we have encountered every kind of house, farm and business.  We have the know-how having worked in the solar power industry across Europe over the past two decades.

Solar Electric founder, Wexford man Tom Foley installed the first system on his garage at his home. The system was straightforward to install and was very soon producing enough electricity to make a significant impact on his family’s daytime usage. He founded Solar Electric and in the early days of the business’s existence, Tom dealt with all projects personally.  Tom participated in a Conergy training session at Ecobuild in London where he was joined by current Design and Operations Manager, Paul Murphy. Paul’s practical knowledge of roofing types was soon supplemented by an in-depth understanding of inverters and mounting systems and to this date he oversees all installations from initial design through to the commissioning and sign-off.

Robert Goss came on board and brought a wealth of experience having been involved in the industry since 2010.  In the intervening years, we at Solar Electric have continued to lead the Irish Solar PV market, installing more solar panels than any of our competitors and helping our customers to reduce their electricity bills by up to 50 per cent.

Solar PV Tips to Great Savings and Clean Living

solar pv panelAre you a sun worshiper?  Do you love saving money?

As Ireland’s biggest supplier of solar panels based here in the Sunny South East, we like to think we know a thing or two about solar energy and saving money.

So, why consider solar panels for your home or business? How much time do you have?

For one our company can offset 50 per cent of your electricity demand annually with our solar panels and battery storage.  The great news is that for 2020 there is an SEAI grant available which can save you up to €3,000 on solar panels for your home.  From July 31, 2018, a new micro generation scheme to support domestic customers who install solar photo-voltaic (solar PV) panels on their homes was launched.

A typical house uses 5,000 kw hours of electricity annually. Solar Electric will help you pair that back by up to 50 per cent. Every one of those kilowatt hours is costing you 20c plus VAT.

We are all about being smart when it comes to electricity use. When you decide to use solar PV electricity you are buying less from the grid. Solar PV output is incredibly predictable on a yearly basis. There is little output in the winter due to the shorter days and massive output from spring to late October.

Basically you won’t cook the Christmas turkey using solar and will be buying your electricity from the grid but in spring, summer and autumn your electricity will be mainly from our solar panels.  Across the year we aim to offset 50 per cent of your demand. Through spring to the end of October a large proportion of the consumption of the house is provided by solar electricity. The upside is you will quickly see your electricity bill reduce by between 40 per cent and 50 per cent.

If you are working for home, retired, have small children or are elderly and spend a lot of time at home, you can use the electricity as it’s produced so there is no need for anything extra.  You have the option to go for a hot water diverter which takes midday electricity and diverts power, putting it into the immersion heater. Ideal as a lot of people turn off their oil during the summer so you can use the solar PV and putting it into the immersion heater.

If you are out of the house most of the day, a Sonnen Battery sits between the solar panels and your fuse board and it manages all those functions, taking in the electricity when you are using less than you are producing, and when you are producing less than you are using it discharges into the system.  So from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. your house is run on the solar electricity stored up during the day.

So why not join the solar revolution and get plugged in to great savings and clean living?

Solar Panel Grants In Dublin: Considerations

Everyone wants to save money, and going solar is an excellent way to do that. You can have unique panels installed on your house to suck up the sunlight and store it for energy. Not only will you save money by doing this, but you may also qualify for solar panel grants in Dublin. This money is given to you to help you buy and install your solar PV system, as well as some battery energy storing systems. However, this grant scheme is only available through 2020, so you need to act quickly.

A solar photovoltaic system features solar panels that are mounted onto the roof of the house. They generate electricity. Plus, you can add the battery storage to store extra energy to use when the sun doesn’t shine that day. Generally, a system outputting 1kWp requires up to four panels on the roof. Any electricity generated feeds the electrical loads within the home or is stored in the battery. Solar panel grants in Dublin can help you decide to switch to solar power. You can get up to €700 per kWp and can get up to 4kWp on your rooftop. Therefore, if you installed a battery and solar system at 4kWp, you could get up to €3800 to help pay for it.

SolarElectric is one of the leading solar PV companies in Ireland, and it has helped hundreds of homeowners switch to solar power. Of course, these solar panel grants in Dublin may not entirely pay for the system. It is important to find out how much the entire thing will cost so that you are prepared. That way, you know how much out-of-pocket expenses you’ll be expected to cover. You can visit the website at to see how much money you can save by switching to solar power.

SEAI Grant In Dublin: Considerations

In Ireland, the Better Energy Homes Scheme is available to help homeowners pay for solar energy use in their homes. It has been extended through the end of 2020. This SEAI grant in Dublin can help you upgrade your house to make it more energy-efficient. Generally, homeowners spend about €1850 a year to heat their homes. With the right insulation, you can reduce that number by about 1/3.

By utilizing the SEAI grant in Dublin, you can get money to upgrade your home in a variety of ways. You can insulate the attic and cavity walls, get external insulation, or dry-lining. Plus, there is money available to help you upgrade the heating controls and heat pumps of your house. It’s also possible to use the funds to install a solar thermal system on the home. In most cases, homeowners can expect to cut 1/3 of their improvement bill. This grant doesn’t just focus on solar energy, though that is one of its topmost concerns. Therefore, if you’d like to have this feature on your house and want help paying for it, you can get it through this grant.

SolarElectric wants everyone to know about the SEAI grant in Dublin. Not only can it help you install a solar power system on your home, but it can also help in other ways. If you’re thinking about solar power, now is definitely the time to do it. Working with this company ensures that the panels are installed right. The professionals here can also help you apply for the grant and use that money to cover much of the bill. While it isn’t likely to pay for the whole system, it can help offset the price. Whether you’re a homeowner, commercial property owner, or in the agriculture sector, this company can help. Visit to see how much you could save by switching.

All Government Climate Action Plan

Solar Electric are pleased to see the commitment of this government to the Climate Action Plan.

The SEAI pilot grant for Solar PV is working well for homeowners. More than 500 have signed up for the scheme that is designed to support self-consumption by paying up to €3800 for Solar + Storage installations.

The commitment in the Climate Action Plan to a “feed in tariff” where customers are paid for export at a rate equivalent to the wholesale price or better is very welcome. Customers will no longer concern themselves with summer time “spill” on to the grid. More systems will be built up to the 6 kWp – 20 module – maximum.

If a “feed in tariff” could be extended to schools, where 5 day a week usage and summer closures mean Solar PV is not yet viable, that would be a real step forward. Schools could benefit from an income stream for the exported electricity and pupils would see renewable energy in action.

Rapid growth in the electric car market will drive forward Solar PV sales. Owners wishing to travel CO2 free kilometres will install Solar PV together with home chargers.

The commitment to heat pumps is more good news. Heat pumps can add 4000 kWh to household electricity consumption and this is best offset with a Solar PV installation.

Climate Action Plan

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